Get started with CloudSigma in Mist

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Our recent Mist v4.4 release includes a brand new integration with CloudSigma. The goal is to help CloudSigma users manage their multicloud and hybrid setups from a single pane of glass. Even if you use only CloudSigma, you can still get value. You can connect multiple accounts across regions to Mist and manage them centrally.

Specifically for CloudSigma, with Mist you can:

  • Get a list of your VMs. Listings include all metadata information, e.g. public & private IPs, runtime information, attached drives etc.
  • Start, stop, reboot and delete VMs.
  • Create new VMs.
  • List, create and destroy volumes.
  • Attach volumes to VMs and detach them.

You can also leverage features that are common to all our supported clouds, e.g. tags, ownership metadata, expiration dates, cost quotas, role-based access controls, shell, scripts, orchestration, monitoring, rules, audit logs etc.

How to connect CloudSigma to Mist

Mist add CloudSigma cloud form
Adding a CloudSigma cloud to Mist

You can connect CloudSigma to Mist in five simple steps:

  1. Log in Mist.
  2. Go to Mist's add cloud form at and click the CloudSigma logo.
  3. Type a name for your cloud, and put your CloudSigma username and password in the respective fields.
  4. Choose your region from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click the ADD CLOUD button.

In a few seconds, Mist will auto-discover the resources in your account and will show you a cost estimate for them. You are ready to go!

Try it yourself

The easiest way to try this is by signing up for a Mist Hosted Service account. All new users get a 14-day free trial.

If you are interested in our open source Community Edition, you can get the latest version from Mist's GitHub repository.

For a guided tour of the entire Mist platform, please reach out to