Mist in Forrester's Now Tech report for hybrid cloud management

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A few days ago, Forrester released its latest Now Tech report for hybrid cloud management. This is the first time that Mist is included and we are very happy about it! It is a recognition of the effort we are putting into our product and our relationships with our customers.

You can find the entire report on Forrester's website.

How to navigate the report

The report is based on Q2 2022 data and includes vendors that fit specific revenue and functionality criteria.

The list of vendors is then split into three categories based on their reported or estimated revenues. For each vendor you get:

  • A high level description of what is offered,
  • geographic presence (based on revenues),
  • vertical market focus (based on revenues), and
  • sample customers.

The report doesn't include public cloud vendors who offer hybrid products, e.g. AWS with Outposts, MS Azure with Azure Stack etc. However, it does include vendors of on-prem infrastructure platforms that can be extended to the cloud, e.g. VMware, Nutanix etc. This is a little confusing and not clearly justified. If the analysts wanted to avoid solutions with hybrid cloud management as an "add-on", they should have left all out.

The situation is a little different with container platforms, e.g. from Red Hat. Container platforms are more neutral when it comes to the underlying IaaS layer. The only catch here is how invested you are in containers. If your infrastructure is not 100% container-based, then they have little value. Keep this in mind whenever you see a container platform in the report.

As a final comment, the report includes managed service providers like Accenture. I'm sure that such vendors can offer some sort of customized management tools, but their main focus is selling services. This means that you should expect bundles of services with tools and services will dominate.


Wrapping up, we are very excited about being included in Forrester's Now Tech report.

The report offers a broad overview of the hybrid cloud management space. At the same time, this broadness also makes it a bit hard to navigate. I hope the pointers above are helpful.

In any case, this is a great starting point for everyone looking to manage a hybrid cloud.

Mist can certainly help you here. To check out how, you can book a call with me, go over your needs and a demo of our product.

If you would like to try out Mist yourselves, sign up for an account and begin your 14-day free trial or install our Community Edition from GitHub.